Seven Figure Sales Webinars: Slide-By-Slide Breakdown [Video]

Seven Figure Sales Webinars

Sales webinars are awesome.

Picture this… You’re in an AirBnB apartment overlooking the river Seine in Paris.

It’s summer, which means the sun is still up even though it’s 9pm.

You’ve just finished running one of your own sales webinars half an hour ago, and just before you close down your laptop, you have a quick look at your Ontraport account to see how many sales have come in.

A smile spreads across your face as you look at the sales report and realise you’ve just sold $26,000 worth of coaching (… or products… or services… as part of your Million Dollar Marketing Plan).

And it only took you 60 minutes.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it’s not.

And it’s not even that hard when you know how it’s done.

Which is exactly what I’m sharing with you in this video.

Slide-By-Slide Walkthrough of High-Converting Sales Webinars

In the detailed, 95 minute video below I walk you step-by-step… slide-by-slide… through one of our highest converting sales webinars.

I do what every guru, expert, coach and mentor refuses to do (unless you pay them tens of thousands of dollars)… by breaking down not only our proven webinar sales formula… the exact high-ticket offer that we sold at the end of the webinar… and the content of each slide, but also my thought process that went into building the slide deck with “sales seeds” to maximise sales conversions from the very first slide.

Check out the video below, and remember to download your own copy of our seven figure sales webinar slide deck so you can model it to create your own high-converting sales webinars.

Seven Figure Sales Webinars

(Click to watch the 95 minute video breakdown below)

You can download the slide deck here to model for our own high-converting sales webinars.

7 Figure Sales Webinars | Success Dynamics Institute

What kind of product or service would you love to sell via webinar?

Let us know in the comments below.

Choose Freedom,

Nick “Webinars” Cownie.

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