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The 7 Minute Mindset Change Formula

The 7 Minute Mindset Change Formula is the basis for my entire model of Extreme Personal Improvement.

You can use this to rapidly assess where you are in life, where you want to go, what’s in the way, and what you need to do to overcome those obstacles to achieve your EPIC goals.

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Here’s the formula:

[(CR – 7HF) + (7HS x WS) + (H – SB)] = DR

The components of the formula are:

Current Reality – 7 Habits of FAILURE

The first thing you need to do is assess what’s actually happening for you in your life right now.

  • Who are you BEING?
  • What are you DOING?
  • How are you showing up in the world?

Whatever you’re achieving (or not achieving) right now, is a direct reflection of who you ARE.

Once you’re clear on your current reality, you need to determine which of the 7 Habits of FAILURE are getting in your way, slowing you down, holding you back, or stopping you from moving forward.

The next step is to begin resolving those specific habits as cleanly and directly as possible, using the techniques you’ll learn in the EPIC NLP training program.

7 Habits of SUCCESS x WARP SPEED Change

Next you’ll identify which of the 7 Habits of SUCCESS you need most to implement right now.

Once you’ve done that, make sure you feel that you are WORTHY and DESERVE to achieve the EPIC Goal you’ve set.

And that you believe it is not only possible (for others), but achievable for you.

Next, check that you are prepared to take 100% responsibility for the achievement of your EPIC Goal, and now you’re ready to write it out using the SPEEDY Goal criteria.

[SIDE NOTE: If you’ve already completed my EPIC NLP training, in the HERO Master Practitioner program you’ll learn how to hypnotically “install” your goals into your future using advanced timeline techniques that cause you to feel magnetically drawn towards their inevitable achievement. Pretty cool, huh?]

Hysteresis – The Snap Back Effect

This is where the 7 Minute Mindset Change Formula really comes into it’s own.

I don’t teach fluffy theory designed to make you “feel good” but never quite get there.

No… instead I teach the TRUTH — You’re going to come up against challenges (and you know it)!

The first challenge you need to be aware of is Hysteresis, or the tendency for “time-delayed results”.

To combat Hysteresis, simply remind yourself that you’ve made the changes necessary to achieve your goals, and then keep taking Consistent Action (which is SUCCESS Habit #3).

Taking Consistent Action also helps to guard against the Snap Back Effect.

Often (and I’m sure you’ve seen this thousands of times yourself), people get ridiculously close to the achievement of their goals… then just stop.


Because the results didn’t show up in the timeframe they imagined they would… so they decided that either:

(a) They don’t deserve it,

(b) It’s possible for others, but not achievable for themselves,

(c) They’re not the “type of person” who gets to have these results after all (or, in other words, their self-image hasn’t yet caught up with their Desired Reality).

This is why speed of implementation, spaced repetition, and Consistent Action are so important.

They are “fail safes” against this type of faulty thinking.

There you have it.

The process is simple, but not easy.

All you need to do is:

If you’d like some help, check out our upcoming EPIC case-study group. Click here to see if you qualify.

Choose Freedom,

Nick “7 Minute Mindset” Cownie.

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