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How To Stay Calm In Turbulent Financial Times

How do you stay calm during times of financial turbulence?

Is it even possible?

Yes, it’s not only possible, it’s relatively easy – when you have the right tools.

Here are a selection of tools I use and recommend to help you navigate, survive, and possibly even thrive during financially turbulent times.

Focus On What You Can Control

Focussing on what you can control gives you back your power.

One of my favourite ways to practice focussing on what I control is a Stoic exercise called “The Dichotomy of Control.”

For a great insight into the Dichotomy of Control, check out this short article at

It’s All “GOOD”.

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy Seal commander who now has one of the top leadership podcasts in the world.

Through his books and podcast, Jocko teaches the combat principles that were refined under the extreme pressure of war, and translates them into practical leadership principles applicable to business.

One of Jocko’s now more famous principles closely echoes that of the Stoics… He uses the word GOOD to respond to all manner of issues, challenges, and disasters.

Check it out… I find this video extremely helpful:

Corona Virus Business Survival

My wife Alex and I have run successful businesses for over two decades.

Recently we ran a free, live call for our clients to discuss Corona Virus Business Survival.

On the call we covered a range of topics, including:
– How to stay healthy,
– How to handle stress and uncertainty,
– Specific business tips and tactics to help you survive these strange times,
– And live Q&A from the audience.

Alex also taught everyone how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) to reduce or resolve feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety in just a few minutes.

Control Your Mind

Here are some additional resources for you from my Neuro Linguistic Programming trainings.

These NLP techniques will help you to control your emotions, release anxiety, protect against negative thought loops, and focus on what’s important. You can download each technique as a guided mp3.

1. Resource Anchor technique (mp3).

This is useful for controlling your emotional state (i.e. feel more confident on command, etc.)

2. Anxiety Release technique (mp3).

Useful to help combat overwhelm and anxiety.

3. Thought Virus Protector technique (mp3).

Useful to help protect against negative thought loops.

4. Clearing The Now technique (mp3).

This is a great way to start your day.

Put the past in the past, the future in the future, and only focus on what needs to be handled now.

There you have it.

Use the tips, tools, tactics, and techniques above to successfully navigate financial turbulence.

Choose Freedom,

Nick “Stay Calm” Cownie.

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1 thought on “How To Stay Calm In Turbulent Financial Times”

  1. Thanks Nick for your post. It has been a wonderful reminder fo us in troubled times. I really appreciate the
    “GOOD” post and plan to practice it. Such a succinct way to deal effectively with a problem that is no longer a problem.

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