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How To Stay Calm In Turbulent Financial Times

How do you stay calm during times of financial turbulence? Is it even possible? Yes, it’s not only possible, it’s relatively easy – when you have the right tools. Here are a selection of tools I use and recommend to help you navigate, survive, and possibly even thrive during financially turbulent times. Focus On What

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The Easiest Way To Start A Side-Business

One of the most common questions I get, in one form or another, is: “What is the fastest / easiest way to start a side-business?” If you’ve ever wondered that yourself, today I have the answer for you. The fastest and easiest way is to offer coaching. Why? …Here’s 11 rock-solid reasons: Almost zero start-up

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How To Start A Money-Making Business Blog [Infographic]

Have you ever wanted to start blogging to get new customers, but weren’t sure where to start? Building a business blog that attracts customers is an art and a science. The good people over at Website Setup have created this handy infographic to guide you through setting up your own business blog. Choose Freedom, Nick

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Where To Spend Money When You Start Your Business

Starting a business can be a costly exercise. How do you decide what’s worth spending your (potentially) limited funds on, and what’s simply a waste of money? Recently I found an excellent infographic from JW Surety Bonds that attempts to answer this question. And while they do a fantastic job of answering it, there are

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How To Achieve 50% Of Your Goals With 1% Of The Effort [Video]

“What should I focus on right now?” is one the most common questions I’m asked by my coaching clients. Should you spend your valuable time right now on marketing… sales… content creation… product design… learning about Facebook ads… networking on LinkedIn… replying to emails… or any of the other myriad tasks on your to-do list?

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Your Million Dollar Message [Video]

Does your “message” inspire people to buy, or turn them off? How do you answer the question, “So, what do you do?” in a way that makes your perfect prospects sit up in rapt attention? Whether you’re trying to figure out which business to start… or you need help figuring out what you should focus

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